Live at Eddie's Attic

by Troy Bronsink

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Troy Bronsink live at Eddie's Attic from 2005-2006. Learn more about Troy's other work as speaker and author at ©2012 Inkbornstory Inc.


released June 6, 2006

Mixed at Eddie's Attic by Shalom. Bill Davis on Cello.



all rights reserved


Troy Bronsink Cincinnati, Ohio

Music is a vehicle for all sorts of freight: meditation, lament, story, and laughter to name a few. Bronsink's melodies carry everything from soaring delight to brooding angst to congregational of praise. He's currently travelling to promote his book, Drawn In, with house shows and conferences featuring Songs to Pray by and his singer songwriter material. ... more

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Track Name: Waiting for Genesis to Begin Again
Waiting for Genesis (to Begin Again)
Troy Bronsink (c) 2004 Inkbornstory Inc.

Broken glass and broken souls
are all this mixed of world can hold
of suffering and vengeance and apathy

his lover started dying when
they took their vows and traveling
the cancer started biting all the marrow from her bones

I want to know why every Sunday bells ring the same old song

If in seven days the earth was made
how much longer did it take
for our white father adam just to screw things up
and now we’re stuck

with neighbors who can’t pay for gas
and children murdering trailer trash
and people staring at me and you
saying haven’t they got it made, and we do

I want to know how you can sing “Glory Hallelujah” …waiting…
for Genesis to begin again


Well the last thing in this world I need
is another man breathing down my sleeve
telling me he knows just what I can do

and the last time I remember hearing from him
was he said he’d be coming back again
but the trouble is I’m getting thirsty just waitin’

I want to know
Oh, I want to know how you can sing “Glory Halleluiah”
Waiting… for Genesis to begin again